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What is and what services does it offer? is an online marketplace that connects classic car owners with mechanics and garages that can convert their classic cars to electric vehicles. The platform offers a range of resources and information on the benefits and process of EV conversion, as well as a community forum for classic car enthusiasts to connect and share their experiences.

How does help classic car owners convert their vehicles to EVs? provides a user-friendly platform where classic car owners can easily find mechanics and garages in their area that offer EV conversion services. The platform offers information and resources to help car owners understand the benefits and process of EV conversion, and provides a community forum where car owners can connect with others who have already gone through the process.
Can I sell parts from my classic car that are not needed in an EV conversion on
Yes, classic car owners can reduce the costs of the conversion process by selling unneeded parts like the engine on
How does the platform ensure that only qualified mechanics and garages are listed? carefully screens and vets all mechanics and garages listed on the platform to ensure that they are qualified and capable of performing EV conversions. The platform also provides reviews and ratings from other classic car owners who have used their services, allowing car owners to make informed decisions.
Can I find mechanics and garages in my specific area on
Yes, the platform allows classic car owners to search for mechanics and garages in their specific area, making it easy to find qualified professionals who are close by.
How does the platform protect my personal and financial information? takes security seriously and employs industry-standard security measures to protect the personal and financial information of its users. The platform also provides guidelines for safe and secure transactions between classic car owners and mechanics/garages.
How can I get in touch with the team if I have any questions or concerns?
The team can be reached through the platform's Contact Us page or by emailing The team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and is always happy to assist with any questions or concerns.