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RaleighEV is an electric vehicle conversion shop right here in the Triangle servicing the east coast and surrounding areas. These are incredible times where we can take iconic vintage or modern vehicles and transplant in electric drive systems, to create wholly unique driving experiences that turn heads and connect with how you define yourself.

Our builds are state of the art, with modern electric motors, advanced battery management systems and intelligent charging systems that all communicate on shared networks in the car to provide seamless control and extra layers of safety. We run battery cooling and heating to extend the life of your investment in the battery pack. We can add in what you want and need to each specific vehicle; high voltage cabin heaters and air conditioning that run off of pack voltage, power steering and vacuum systems in order to maintain stock ride/feel, and integration with oem equipment.

RaleighEV is an electric division of Matt's Auto Shop, our electric work here at the shop is limited by only your imagination and the laws of physics. If you are doing your own build browse our store! We are an authorized Netgain Motors Dealer supplying all of your Hyper9 motors and accessories and will have more offerings over time. Peruse our website, and if you are on Instagram, you'll find us updating with posts regularly, @mattsautoshop.